There has been a lot of talk out there about marijuana, hemp and other versions of the cannabis plant.  On one side of the isle we have people that are in favor of legalizing the plant where others see it as a narcotic that will fall into the hands of our youth.  When it comes to the cannabis plant, we have two different versions with two different effects.  The first is mail order marijuana which has been labeled as a “gateway drug” which some believe will lead to harder drugs such as cocaine.  And the hemp plant that has received less acclaim but also offers a wide range of benefits both from the plant itself with rope and clothing and through the oils for pain.

When looking at these two plants there is a common factor that people will agree on.  This is their ability to handle and manipulate pain.  When we feel pain, it is typically from the joints and muscles in our bodies.  Factors such as aging, injuries and other factors play a major role.  Other factors are mental defects, brain injuries and emotional conditions brought on from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among others.

With these factors in place many people are looking for a way to find relief while staying in the confines of the law.  With this in mind many researchers are looking at the combination effect of cannabis and omega-3 fish oil.

For years people have been taking omega-3 for pain.  The component in fish oil has been found to have a calming effect on the joints of the body.  When taken on a regular basis these effects can become accumulative and have long term health benefits.

In recent years however, many people around the world are losing omega-3 from their diets and their systems.  When this occurs our bodies become prone to increased anxieties and impaired behaviors.  This chemical reaction in the brain can lead to long-term effects that may require medications.

One way that people are trying to enhance the potency of omega-3 is by combining it with cannabis.  This new power drug is still in the development phase and still needs to be authorized by the FDA and other government agencies, but preliminary data show that it has positive benefits.

Why people prefer CBD

With this research people are still in favor of CBD products.  The main reason is that CBD has greater advantages over fish oil and Omega-3.  The first reasons is that CBD products seem to have a faster effect on the body.  This is a plus for those who are suffering in pain.  When in general the CBD product will take effect in a few minutes, Omega-3 will enter the body at a much slower rate, sometimes weeks of continued use before results are felt.

What is the future of cannabis and Omega-3?

The future of Omega-3 will be pretty much as it currently is.  People will continue to take this supplement on a regular basis and enjoy its effects.  As far as cannabis, the jury is still out on it.  However, when using cannabis and Omega-3’s together, one can see the beneficial effects that are possible.